Smart City Wien – powered by FIWARE & LEGO®

Smart City Wien – powered by FIWARE & LEGO® was presented first at the Digital Days 2019 in Vienna. It is a physical image of the smart and digital city of Vienna and is supposed to represent the connection between the digital and the physical LEGO® bricks.

For the Viennese image the City Hall, the Giant Ferris Wheel, a City Bike Station and the subway were realized by LuxActive and supplemented with objects from LEGO components of B&F Wien – Bestattung und Friedhöfe GmbH

Vienna and numerous other cities, such as Aarhus, use FIWARE as an urban data platform for their Smart City projects and have commissioned such a model.

These individual models can – as was the case recently at the Smart Country Convention in Berlin in October 2019 – be combined to form a large installation.

The FIWARE World Lego City shows different areas and their interactions, with a clear focus on Smart City, mobility and energy. In this way, the advantages and achievements of the FIWARE community will be demonstrated over time and how they are linked and integrated.

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